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23 october 2015 : Ladies Metal Show
9 Cube, Châteauroux, France

Hey metalheads!
Check out this new video from UNSAFE.
 This track 'Watch Out' is taken from the new and critically acclaimed
album 'Enter Dark Places'. Turn it up and spread it all over!

Reviews :
Pavillon 666  note : 8,5/10
Metal centre  note : 8/10
Lords of Chaos   note : 9/10
French Metal  note : 18/20
Calles Rockcorner  note : 5/6

Spirit of metal  note : 17/20
Bleeding4metal  note : 6,5/10
Cross Fire  note : 6/10
Metal to infinity  note : 85/100
Metal underground 
note : 4,5/5
Metal.de  note : 8/10
Rockstruck note : 4,17/5
Vixens  note : 8,5/10
Keys and chords
Lordsofmetal  note : 76/100
Stormbringer  note : 3/5
White Room
Zwaremetalen  note : 78/100
Hallowed  note : 4/7
Teeth of the divine

Rock Hard n°157 (FR),‎ september 2015

Norway Rock Magazine n°3 (NO), september 2015

 Metalized Magazine N°99 (DK), august 2015

Scream Magazine n°197 (NO), august 2015

 Powerplay n°178 (UK), august 2015

Metal Hammer Summer 15 n°273 (UK), july 2015

Aaardschock n°7 (NL), juillet 2015
23 october 2015 : Ladies Metal Show
9 Cube, Châteauroux, France

Legacy (DE), n°97, july 2015

Sweden Rock Magazine n°6 (SE), june 2015

07-2015 : Enter Dark Places is out  now, you can buy it here :

 05-2015 : The French powerfull and female-fronted metal-band have signed a world wide-deal with Mighty Music and we are very excited to release the new album 'Enter Dark Places' July 3rd.

12-2014 : A new album - Enter Dark Places - has been recorded this summer.
The mix & mastering has been made by David Potvin at Dôme Studio.

- Negativity (official video) -   

The French female-fronted metallers UNSAFE brings the metal scene to a new level, with a mixture of
thrash, death and the groove and has been compared to acts like Pantera, Machine Head, Lamb Of God.

After fifteen years, Unsafe polishes up their sound completed by powerfull female vocals.
“Enter Dark Places” manages to gather everything which makes the strength of the band, a catchy
music with extremely memorable hooklines. Most efforts have been made for the composition of the
tracks, mixing more complex songs with more simple ones, searching for the good melody and the
groove for most of the riffs.

Formed in 1998 by Stéphanie Nolf (bass) and Lionel Faucher (guitar), the band took advantage of a long
experience of the underground scene to improve its style, having the privilege to share the stage with
Napalm Death, Textures, Crucified Barbara, Eluvetie, Nazum, No Return, Hacride, Lofofora,
Mass Hysteria, Nostromo, Execution and many others.

This new album “Enter Dark Places” has been recorded by Stéphanie & Lionel in July & August 2014.
All tracks were sent to David Potvin at Dôme Studio who did an excellent work on the sound, the mix
& mastering.

The vocals are a very important part of the album – they bring the final touch to the songs. They are
more diverse with guttural passages and more melodic. The lyrics focus on themes such as socia
and financial excesses of the modern world, the destruction of our planet, overconsumption, the
mindlessness of people, the loss of values, the rise of individualism and selfishness.

Unsafe welcomed three new members in the line-up just before recording this album
– Xavier Garrabos (Drums), Nico Bona (Guitar) and Mathieu Giraud (Bass) –
who all contributed to the sound and feel on the album.

- Discography -
Unknown fears (4 tracks, "live", 1998) - Autoprod.
Fake reality (7 tracks, 2001)
- Autoprod.
Mutation (5 tracks, 2003) - Autoprod.
Human toxin (5 tracks, 2005) - Autoprod.
Manipulative progress (12 tracks, 2009) – Label : Pervade Productions
Masterpiece of the Absurd (12 tracks, 2011) – Label : M&O Music
Evilution (12 tracks, 2013) – Label : Send The Wood Music
Enter Dark Places (13 tracks, 2015) - Label : Mighty Music/Target Group

Buy it Here

Digital and Streaming links :

Stephanie : vocals

Lionel : guitar

Mathieu : bass

Niko : guitar

Xavier : drums

23 october 2015 : Ladies Metal Show
9 Cube, Châteauroux, France

05-2015 - Rock Metal Camp,
Saint-Hilaire-les-Places, France

19-12- 2014 - 22ème Festival de Noel,
John Lenon, Limoges, France.